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I’ll come clean right now:  I don’t Tweet.  Much.  That said, I enjoy reading other people’s tweets (does this make me a freeloader?)

And I realized that I don’t follow all my Facebook friends on Twitter. I had a few minutes tonight so I thought I’d bop on over to Twitter to fix that.

I got there and found the “Find Friends” link.  There is a short list of services from which you can choose to import contacts.  You know who’s not on the list?  Facebook.

So, here’s a quick-and-dirty workaround.

You’ll need:

  • A Yahoo! Mail account
  • A Facebook account (with friends)
  • About 5 minutes (if that)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to your Yahoo! Mail contacts page.
  2. Click the “Import Contacts” button.
  3. Click “Facebook”.
  4. Click “Okay”, when it asks if you want to share with Yahoo!.
  5. Yahoo! Mail will import your Facebook contacts.
  6. Click the checkbox to select all of your contacts.
  7. IMPORTANT:  Click “Assign to Lists” – either create a new list or add to an existing list.*
  8. Go to the Find Friends page on
  9. Click “Search Contacts” next to Yahoo!
  10. Click “Agree” to allow Twitter to access your Yahoo! Mail contacts.
  11. Pick and choose who to follow.

Hope this helps you out!  Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

* If you don’t do this, Twitter will not detect any contacts from your Yahoo! Mail account.  This is because Yahoo! marks all Facebook contacts as such and does not allow them to be exported until they’ve been modified in some way.