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“You want to have how many kids?”

That’s the typical (and understandable) reaction I get from people when I tell them my wife and I would like to have 7 kids (or more, if we can). I admit, it is a lot of kids. And, with two kids now, I can’t fathom handling five more. Not to mention how expensive it is to raise kids.

Additionally, some people think the world is overcrowded and that bringing lots of kids into it is irresponsible. There are two problems with that:

  1. The purpose of the Earth is to give God’s children a place to go through the mortal experience. The statement above counteracts that purpose.
  2. The fact is, the Earth is not overcrowded. There are more than enough resources to go around, if they’re used and distributed efficiently. Did you know only 7% of the land in the US is developed?

And there are a number of reasons why we feel comfortable with having a big family.

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