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Over the past while, I’ve been stewing over an idea for a novel.  I’m fascinated by it but I wonder if anybody else is.  Some close friends have said they find it interesting but I’d like to get the opinion of a wider audience.  If you wouldn’t mind, would you read the synopsis below and vote “Yes” or “No” if you think it sounds interesting to you?  Thanks!


Set at Stanford University in the early 70s, a young man and woman (she’s an undergrad, he’s a grad student) find themselves in love.  She’s a Mormon and he’s a Muslim.  As they go through their relationship and some unique and challenging complications, we see how both religions can alternately be used to solve problems, uplift and comfort as well as ostracize, humiliate and even terrorize.  We also explore the similarities shared between these two seemingly opposing religions.  Ultimately, we find that with a loving family and devotion to living principles that bring one closer to God, any challenge can be overcome, even ones caused by those closest to us.