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Dear Bubbers and Scooters (and our other kids who might be reading from heaven),

I saw a news story today and it made me think of you. It’s about a little boy in Texas named Cody. He was born without legs that work. Not all babies grow perfectly in their mommy’s tummy and things like this can happen.

When Cody was 18 months old, his parents and doctors decided the best thing for him would be to take off the legs he had that didn’t work. When they did that, they gave him new legs. Legs they had made just for him. And not just one set of new legs but five! He has a different set of legs for all kinds of different fun, like running, climbing and swimming.

That’s right, he can swim and run and even play soccer!

Here are a couple of pictures of him:

See that? He’s smiling! Even though he doesn’t have legs of his own, he’s still happy. And if you read some of what he says in the article, you can tell he’s full of hope and joy and laughter.

The second thing I want you to notice is this: he can do just about everything any other kid can do, without his own legs. You know how when you get frustrated, Daddy sometimes says “Don’t get upset. Just solve the problem.”? That’s what Cody (and his family and doctors) did. He didn’t get upset and quit. He solved the problem, even though it was really hard, and now he can do anything!

You’re both strong, smart boys, full of faith, hope, joy and laughter. You can accomplish anything Heavenly Father wants you to. Heavenly Father and Mommy and I love you (so much!). When you get discouraged and sad, please come tell us and we’ll give you a big hug and listen and help you solve any problem you have (if you want us to).

But please don’t lose your legs. ‘Cause then we couldn’t tickle them!!