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My apologies for the long post but, holding public figures accountable for their misuse of statistics is important. This post isn’t meant to be partisan, only to critically think about statistics that are being used by politicians. Any examples of politicians of any kind misusing statistics like this are welcome in the comments and may be fodder for future posts.

Recently, the Obama Administration has been publicizing a graph by Nancy Pelosi’s team comparing the last year of the Bush Administration with the first year of the Obama Administration.

It’s an interesting graph and it’s meant to show that Bush Administration (and Republican) policies were losing the nation jobs while Obama Administration (and Democrat) policies are bringing those jobs back. At first blush, it’s pretty damning.

However, there are a number of problems with a comparison like this: Continue Reading

You’ve all grown to know and love the image I use when I’m particularly frustrated with Obama supporters:

Well, this image is more sarcastic and, frankly, mean than I was really comfortable with but I didn’t know of any alternatives. So, I chose the route of hostility over abstinence.

Not any more.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the new Obama image!!!!

This image more accurately reflects my mood when I reflect on the damage both inflicted and accrued to the US economy by our new commander-in-chief. It’s not a sarcastic round of applause but simply a disappointed stare. It’s like the father who doesn’t spank their child but instead gives them a look that says “I expected more of you”.

My friends, let’s welcome this new era of the Entreblog with your comments on the new picture or suggestions of better ones.

American International Group, Inc.
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Less than a month ago I predicted we’d begin to see a slow exodus of executives from banks being hyper-regulated by the Obama administration:

“It will be interesting to see if there’s an exodus of executive talent at these companies. I’m guessing it won’t happen en masse but if you look over the next two years, I’ll bet we see over 50% of these top 25 leaving these companies.”

My reasoning was that slashing people’s pay by 50% while forcing them to deal with huge government intervention into their business is not a recipe for retention

“Now, if I’m a top executive at XYZ company and my pay just got cut by 50%, my thought is, polish up the resume. Find some other sucker to get paid half to deal with the government all day.”

Well, it looks like Robert Benmosche, the new CEO of AIG, feels the same way. Continue Reading