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Image by yum9me via Flickr

I’ve always told myself that if I ever get the chance to teach a youth lesson at church, I would start off with an object lesson I heard as an analogy years ago.  Here’s how it goes:

We’re in the gym and there’s a long table set up.  On the table are some of the biggest, moistest, most delicious brownies you’ve ever seen.  They’re still hot and they are smothered in chocolate frosting (okay, I’m drooling now).  I invite a kid to come up and eat a brownie.

When she gets up there, I say, “just so you know, there’s a tiny piece of dog poop in there.  Here you go!”  Inevitably, the kid (and everybody else) will refuse to eat the brownie.  “But,” I say, “it’s just one small part.  You’re not going to throw this brownie away for one small part, are you?”

Of course they will.  As would anybody.  Right? Continue Reading