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“‘If people are more aware of their overall health care costs and how the different types of care have different costs, then people will use the health care system more efficiently,’ said Amy Lischko, the lead author of the report and former commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy.”


“Those who knew their co-payments were more likely to have more office visits and fewer emergency room visits, which are typically more costly, according to the study.”

Interesting words from someone so closely tied to the spectacular failure that is Massachusetts’ new health care system (and the model for the Federal Health Care Reform Bill).

However, she’s correct.  As I’ve been saying throughout this debate, forcing insurers to cover everybody without a significant mandate to always be insured is a recipe for lost freedom and extremely high insurance rates, not the solution to our problems.

The solution is to lower the cost of services through competition for those services, based on quality and price.  Let’s make price and quality information freely available and step back and watch the market work.  Then services AND insurance will be affordable for everybody.