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Last night I followed Lifehacker’s instructions and booted up Chrome OS on my laptop using a virtual machine.  It took all of 5 minutes to get Chrome up and running, which was nice.  I have two observations from this experience:

  1. Chrome OS has been praised for a lightening fast startup time and it’s true.  It’s amazingly fast, like about 5-10 seconds.  Of course, that’s easy to do when your entire OS consists of:
    • One (1) – web browser (Google Chrome)

    That’s right, the entirety of the OS is Google’s Chrome browser and some drivers.  Want to install software?  Tough.  Want to change the background image or taskbar?  Tough.  There is no background.  If you close the browser, another one opens up.

  2. Can Google get sued for anti-trust violations for this?  After all, their browser is inextricably linked with their operating system and that was one of Microsoft’s big violations, right?

Have you checked it out?  What did you think?