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From an iPhone OS 4 Developer Launch Q&A (will update with link when it’s over):

Jason Chen:

Q: Why have you veered away from widgets on the iPad?

A: We just shipped it on Saturday. And then we rested on Sunday.

Q: So widgets are possible?

A: Everything is possible.

Could they be any more snotty?  By the way, this was literally three questions after this:

Jason Chen:

Q: Is there going to be any change in Apple’s position on Java or Flash on version four?

A: No.

Clearly not everything is possible.

Why make excuses and vague hints? Just answer the question!

And this:

Jason Chen:

Q: Can you do anything to make these phones more safe so people wont’ use them when they shouldn’t be using them (like when driving).

A: I think we do more than most to connect our phones into cars’ control systems. We’ve done a great job for handsfree calling and such. We’ve done a better job on that than everyone else.

In other words, no.  No, we can’t.  Oh, and we’re better than everybody else.  Good heavens, talk about a defensive prima donna.

That said, OS 4 looks spectacular.  Except for the crushing grip Apple will maintain on the AppStore and their in-App ad system, I’m blown away.