Let’s say, for a moment, that you’re a feminist.  What’s the worst possible thing somebody could say about a woman who achieved something?  Here are some suggestions:

  • She’s only there because she’s a woman
  • She’s only there because she’s pretty
  • She’s just there to satisfy some requirement (simliar to the first bullet)

Can you imagine the outrage that would be sparked by such comments?  The speaker would be flayed before they left the building.

Which is what makes this article by Melissa Lafsky (an avowed feminist) about Sarah Palin so confusing.  I encourage you to read it and come back.  And take the above list with you.

Did you get “BINGO”?  You should have.  Lafsky hits all the best chauvanist remarks:

  • “And when the boys are in need of some controversial T&A…to boost their…appeal with white women voters, etc., they’ll toss you a bone.”  Oh, she’s only where she’s at because she’s a woman.  Great.  Also, did you notice the bonus implication?  Women voters are shallow enough to vote for a woman because she’s a woman, not because of her politics.  Lovely.
  • “this camera-ready symbol of “new feminism”.  Oh she’s only there because she looks good on camera.  Excellent.
  • “Follow the script, know your role, use sex whenever possible, and for
    God’s sake, never make them feel anything but omnipotent. Do enough
    strategic posing, shmoozing, and a**-smooching, and you’ll land
    yourself a spot on the short list of use-able women.”  Wow.  Classy.

Pretty ridiculous, no?  I’m sure Lafsky isn’t sleeping at night, but it’s not because of Palin.  It’s because she’s tortured by how she treats women!

But, my original question is, “What is Melissa Lafsky afraid of?”  I say that because I posted the following comment on her post twice and it was deleted both times, presumably by Lafsky.

“Congratulations, you’re now a sexist!  You’ve reduced the
accomplishments of a US Governor and VP candidate to ‘controversial

Typical Liberal politics.  Women should only be
promoted if they agree with your perspective.  So much for the
‘feminist movement’. 

Once again, the feminists prove they are nothing more than a front
for the Democratic party, instead of an actual movement to benefit

Why would she delete that comment twice?  It’s not offensive or rude, it just points out the truth about her positions.  She doesn’t care about equality for women.  She cares about equality for Democrat women.  All other women are vapid, mindless sex kittens, apparently.

I hope Lafsky will feel inclined to reply to this post in the comments.  But I doubt she will.  She’s too afraid of the truth.

I was actually able to watch 15 minutes of the debate before I decided it was a bigger waste than watching paint dry.  Last debate I could only watch 5 minutes.

Is this a good trend or a bad trend?  Comments are open.