Washington Crossing the Delaware
“Hurry!  One more fine, and
they close my account!”
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“The first president of the United States of America borrowed two books from the New York Society Library in 1789 but failed to return them.

Adjusted for inflation, he has since racked up $300,000 in fines for being some 220 years late.”

In the United States, Social Security benefits...
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“Our Strategy is simple. This movement is a fad.”

So they’ll probably ignore it since fads just go away.

“We need to prevent their dangerous ideas from gaining a legislative foothold. So our strategy is to spread the truth about their dangerous ideas and prevent their policies from taking root in America.”

Because people typically launch large attack organizations to bring down a…fad.

Apparently the group is incensed over such radical Tea Party beliefs as:

  • Programs like Social Security and Medicare are socialistic and should never have been created in the first place
  • President Obama is a Socialist
  • We should undermin[e] the legitimacy of the federal government in favor of a radical rightwing form of state’s rights

Wow, the Tea Party sounds AWESOME!  Where can I join?

By the way, who’s behind this group?  The SEIU.  Love them unions!!


Here a Quack, There a Quack....
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Note:  If any of you are into homeopathic medicine and aren’t interested in learning that it’s a fraud, don’t read this post.  Thanks to Coyote for the pointer.

“I have just purchased a packet of Boots-brand 84 arnica homeopathic 30C Pills for £5.09, which Boots proudly claim is only 6.1p per pill. Their in-store advice tells me that arnica is good for treating ‘bruising and injuries’, which gives the impression that this is a very cost-effective health-care option.

Unlike most medication, it didn’t list the actual dose of the active ingredient that each pill contains, so I checked the British Homeopathic Association website. On their website it nonchalantly states that to make a homeopathic remedy, they start with the active ingredient and then proceed to dilute it to 1 per cent concentration. Then they dilute that new solution again, so there is now only 0.01 per cent of the original ingredients. For my 30C pills this diluting is repeated thirty times, which means that the arnica is one part in a million billion billion billion billion billion billion.

The arnica is diluted so much that there is only one molecule of it per 7 million billion billion billion billion pills.

It’s hard to comprehend numbers that large. If you were to buy that many pills from Boots, it would cost more than the gross domestic product of the UK. It’s more than the gross domestic product of the entire world. Since the dawn of civilisation. If every human being since the beginning of time had saved every last penny, denarius and sea-shell, we would still have not saved-up enough to purchase a single arnica molecule from Boots.”

Coyote also posted this video about homeopathy, which is hilarious!!