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  1. Love this article!! One other possiblility and I think God does this quite a bit, especially in the Book of Mormon, but perhaps He was using this to teach future generations including us. I think God knew that those specfic people could not learn faith, humility or any other Godly attribute. His attention was on future generations, hence wandering for 40 years to kill off all of the current generation.

    One quick correction, this is particular to Mormon beliefs and not shared witht he rest of christianity but it was not the 10 commandments that were written on the stone tablets that Moses threw down when he came down to find the Israelites with the golden calf but it was the higher law(perhaps the endowment??). After which Moses went back up Sinai and received the lesser law, the law of carnal commandments including the 10 commandments(though these commandments had been part of the Gospel all the way back to Adam).

    • @Daniel: Thanks! I like your insight. While I don't like to think that some people are beyond help, I know there are cases in the scriptures that tell us that. You could be exactly right.

      Given that, then, what's the lesson? Again, why that specific way? I can't help but think it correlates with the golden calf and idol worship. I taught this lesson in Sunday School (with about 2 minutes notice) last week and came to a realization. Maybe they're correlated in a different way.

      God works through whatever means suit His divine purpose. Satan, the great imitator, can take sacred things and turn them into evil, bastardized versions of the original. Perhaps this is a case where Satan inspired the idol worship to dilute the power of symbols and artifacts that actually point to Christ? So that, when the people came upon a crisis where they would have been helped by the true power of God, in the form of a brazen serpent on a pole, they had been contaminated by the Satanic imitation, chastised by God about the use of it and now confused about whether to look or not? Isn't that one of Satan's key tactics, i.e., confusing people about what's wrong and what's right?

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