4 comments on ““Play With Me Daddy”

  1. Why not do a date rotation?

    Maybe block out Friday nights every week and rotate as follows…
    Mommy and #1 Date
    Daddy and #2 Date
    Mommy and Daddy Date
    Daddy and #1 Date
    Mommy and #2 Date
    Mommy and Daddy Date

    Or something like that… you don’t even need to go OUT for the date… just as long as it is special one-on-one time set aside for each kid! Just and idea. :)

  2. Oh how I can relate to this! And it gets harder with every new child:) I have this poignant moment at the end of each day when I’m tucking them all in and giving final kisses goodnight where my heart clenches up and I think of all the opportunities I missed that day – all the “play with me’s” that got answered with “just a sec” (usually because I’m on the computer!), all the snuggles that were put off to haul laundry up and down the stairs, all the conversations missed because we are running out the door somewhere. Every night I resolve to do better the next day. Sometimes I do. Often I don’t. I think every parent is good friends with regret! But hopefully we’re learning from the regret to appreciate the moments while they’re here.

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