2 comments on “The Road to Bad Government is Paved With Good Intentions

  1. I’ve been saying all along that I think the heatlthcare bill should be put to a vote of the people. If the politicians aren’t willing to do that, it shows that they think we don’t know what’s right for us.

  2. I believe the title of this is the key to getting anywhere in politics. I think we too often try to attribute some evil plot and diabolical scheme to those we disagree with. If we arent doing that we are calling them names like Socialist or Communist. If we want to get open debate we must go on the assumption that those who disagree with us have good intentions. This is not an easy thing to do when its so clear to others of us that whatever agenda they are pushing for will hurt the country and individuals and not help them.

    Jill says there are times when Im talking politics with people that I ask questions in a very condescending way. I explained to her that every time I talk to someone about politics I always keep telling myself that they really do believe in this and they really do believe it is whats best. The downside of this point of view is of course instead of thinking those who disagree with me are diabollicaly scheming to have the government control our lives, I just think they are stupid. Im trying to work on the asking of questions in a way that doesnt sound like I’m saying, “Are you really this dumb?”

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