4 comments on “These Are the Best Lyrics We Can Come Up With? Really?

  1. The thing that gets me most about this song (and I’ve had ample opportunity to consider it as it is my 13-year-old sister’s fave song AND her ringtone) is that there was never a time in wee Miley’s life that she has ever not been famous. Like she has ever come into LAX not on a private plane. Her parents started pimping her out at like, 3.

    PS> Jase happens to lovelovelove Fireflies so just be ready for a rebuttal from him;)

    PPS> You listen to NPR?!? I think my world just imploded.

  2. That's what happens when you have a couple of kids! You become a parent and all of your youthful worries fade away. Now you begin to worry what your kids will be like as teenagers! Welcome to parenthood!

  3. That’s a really good point.

    Seriously, Jason likes that song? You think he would do a guest post as a rebuttal? I’d really be interested in understanding even one verse of that song.

    Yeah, literally since 9/11/2001 I’ve listened almost exclusively to NPR news. I recognize their bias and adjust for it with other sources but I think they tend to dig a little deeper than most organizations.

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