6 comments on “The Irony of Michael Vick

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  2. I know this is an old post but it was linked from your recent one about 11 minutes of football in a 3 hour broadcast.

    What do you mean by you guys wont let your kids play these sports? I understand not signing them up for pee-wee leagues or whatever but what about when they are in junior high and high school? Are those decisions you guys will make for your kids or would you let them sign up if they wanted to? Jill and I talk about this a lot, being a wrestler through jh and hs I hope that Andrew or any other boys we might be blessed with wrestle and Jill really hopes he/they doesnt. It scares her too much. We do both however agree that I wont force them to wrestle and she wont forbid them and that its their choice. Sure we will both try to convince them to do what we want but its ultimately their choice.

    Just curious what you meant exactly by you wont let your kids play.

    • That’s a good question.  Knowing what I know now about the long-term effects of football, I’m inclined to say we would not allow any of our children to play football while they are in junior high or high school.  I really don’t think they can learn anything from football they can’t learn from a much safer sport, like basketball, soccer or rugby (just kidding!).

      I guess I would also ask if you plan on forbidding your kids from drinking, getting tattoos, etc.  These are things we won’t allow for the same reasons the Church doesn’t.  They tend to have long-term, and sometimes, far-reaching negative effects on the rest of your life.  I think it’s my job as a parent to foresee those risks and warn of them when appropriate and forbid when appropriate.

      Of course, our opinion may change over the years, they may change the game of football to be safer or the studies could turn out to be flawed.  That’s why, with any decision like this, we’ll try to be guided by prayer.

  3. I will absolutely forbid my kids from drinking or getting a tattoo. One would require my signature which I would not give and the other would result in lost privilidges; license, phone or whatever is important to them. However, once they are out of the house and old enough to not need my sign off I can no longer forbid either, just pray that what we taught them stuck.
    I totally agree with the job of a parent and weighing risks and sometimes that does mean being the bad guy. I guess I just come down on a different side on the issue of football.
    Will you guys let your kids drive at 16? Im just guessing but I would bet statistically its much more dangerous than football.

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