9 comments on “Why the US Spends More Per-Capita On Health Care Than Any Other Nation

  1. The illustration may be from another government health care system but the point, as I see it, is that this president and congress aim to "change" the entire health care system rather than fix it, rather than solve the problem of insuring 10%-15% of the US population. Too much too fast for too much money!

  2. @Jonathan: Yup. That's the model Obama keeps talking about. Lovely.@Richard: Exactly. The thought of higher taxes to pay for worse care is nauseating. Seems to be a key plank in the Democratic platform, though…@Jason: True, at least the way it's currently set up. My problem with the proposed "fixes" is that they do nothing to actually decrease costs. They only overburden an already overtaxed system. Instead of trying to get everybody into a system that everybody seems to think is broken, why not fix the system? Allow more doctors to be educated (AMA!!), remove mandated coverage for medically unproven treatments (seriously, naturopaths?!). Why not find a way to stop subsidizing other nations (Japan!) through foreign-government mandated low prices?Besides, look at the math. Say the entire population is 10 people. If 10 people want a $100 treatment and they all buy insurance to cover it, guess how much it's going to cost? $100.

  3. @Jonathan: The NY Times article fails to mention that because Japan refuses to allow the prices to fluctuate at a market rate, we in the US essentially cover the cost for them through higher prices on technology and drugs. If you squeeze a balloon on one side, it will pop out on the other.Also, the OECD report you sent is pretty invalid. The main sign of that is the mortality rate calcs. The US defines mortality rate to include infants born that live less than 24 hours. Most other countries do not, which is one reason our mortality rate is so high compared to them. When you factor in things like that, we're easily #1.

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