2 comments on “My Take on Sotomayor

  1. Interesting! Before the weeks leading up to her nomination, I too had not heard of her either. And of course the type of sites I have come across recently mostly seem intent on focusing on her appearance (she’s too fat! And also: too feminine!!! Seriously. My IQ hurts just typing that.) So I’ve taken it on myself to read up more on her and I have to say I’m impressed. One of my real fears about voting for Obama (which we all know I did) was that he would appoint an ultraliberal judge to the S.C. and given his party’s support, he probably could have. And yet, he didn’t. She’s liberal yes (no hope she wouldn’t be) but by all accounts a fairly moderate liberal- both morally and fiscally. While many on both sides make a big deal about her ethnicity, SHE doesn’t seem to and I appreciate that as well. I’m also surprised you didn’t mention the fact that she was appointed to the federal court circuit by… George H.W. Bush. As far as S.C. justices go I think she’s a good compromise. Not perfect, surely. But pretty darn good by my estimation. Also, she smiles a lot. I don’t know why, but I’m reassured by that.

    PS> My comment on your previous post was in no way meant to guilt you into posting! I know you are busy! It’s just there are so few people in my life who know, much less care, about this;)

  2. Found online as part of Sotomayor’s resume in a law review article (I added the question):

    Sotomayor served on the New York State Mortgage Agency. What was her involvement in the sub-prime mortgage activity in New York?

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