2 comments on “Hypocrisy Rears It’s Ugly Head

  1. I love it when smart people (like you) show how statistics are manipulated to perpetuate lies. I worked at a pizza place, where the owner, a not religious fellow, made a HUGE deal about how much porn he owned, how he let his little boy sit and watch it with him. High quality fellow. It might be that non-religious people in Utah use porn to further distance themselves from the religious. Also, could be that Utah has a lot of repression and hypocrisy. Dirty filthy internet.

  2. @MBR: Thanks! Given that 99% of our conference talks with President Hinckley included some message about not watching porn, I think you’re right that there’s some members of the Church watching it. What bothers me is how disingenuous these “news” organizations are with their stats.

    By the way, congrats on your interview. I read it the other day and it was great!!

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