3 comments on “What Does “Weakness” Mean?, Part II

  1. I find it interesting you grouped lack of knowledge with aceptance by the world. I would put the latter with general sin before putting it with the former. Lack of knowledge seems more like a transgression while acceptance by the world is more of a conscious choice in my book

  2. I know, it’s weird, huh? I did that because the scripture does it: “those who are unlearned and despised”. I wonder if the Lord is saying those are related things. And perhaps despised doesn’t mean “despised by the world”. Good catch!

  3. I would kind of tie all these thoughts together in the idea that the weakness that God has given all of us is our mortal/fallen physical bodies. This is the universal weakness that all mankind are subjected to and is what leads to all sin, “the natural(or fallen) man is an enemy to God.”
    Our bodies are a blessing given from God but because of the fallen nature of them we are susceptible to sin, ignorance, etc.
    Because of the state we are born into we totally reliant on the “condescensions” of God and His grace and the great blessing of having “imperfect” bodies is that we learn that through the Savior can we become perfect.
    If the Lord gave us perfect bodies we would only need the Savior to help us overcome Spiritual Death and not enjoy the relatioship of the debt we owe the Savior in the free gift He gives us in overcoming Physical Death.
    That is why I have always thought of this in the singular and not weaknesses, there is only one weekness ultimately and its a blessing because it is the teaching tool that God uses to help become aquainted with gross matter and learn to be reliant on his mercy and power.

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