One comment on “Reversing Ourselves on Food and Sex

  1. I’ve read it through twice now since you sent it to me and want to go through it again as the implications are staggering and the premise, while it seems so obvious now, is one I had not considered before.

    One of my favorite points was “The mindful vegetarian slogan, “you are what you eat,” has no counterpart in the popular culture today when it comes to sex.” You are whom you have sex with? I think this is quite true both literally in the biological sense of the sharing of DNA and conceptually in the emotions and practical arrangements of the act. And yet our society denies this utterly and completely. It baffles.

    I also liked the author’s point about how there is a wealth of research into how “junk sex” is quite detrimental to human beings and yet it gets none of the press or judgement as junk food does.

    Although I do wonder if he is correct in his concluding assumption that “Far-fetched though it seems at the moment, where mindless food is today, mindless sex — in light of the growing empirical record of its own unleashing — may yet again be tomorrow.”

    This article was also interesting to me on a personal level as I recently “converted” (re-converted, technically) to vegetarianism a year and a half ago. However, unlike the examples in the article, I am equally rigorous about my sexual code as defined by my religion. Am I an aberration with this predilection for tightly held and imposed moral strictures? Although if I’m being honest I spend much more time thinking about my food codes – to the point of orthorexia if you recall – than I do thinking about my sex codes. So perhaps I am not different at all.

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