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  1. Maybe it is sin in general. We’re all sinners, the specifics vary, but it is universal for mankind. Sin can often have humbling results, make us feel worthless and unlovable, but if we take ourselves, feeling worthless and unlovable, to God, our faith in the Savior and his universal atonement (grace), from that humble, lowly place sin left us, God can lift us, let us feel his love, see ourselves more clearly, accept His will, fulfill our potential.


  2. Interesting! I’d never noticed that distinction before but you are totally right. I think, however, that taking it in its singular form you run awfully close to teh concept of original sin, especially since God says right before that that He “gave” it to us. So I guess I still subscribe to the general weakness interpretation.

    Although now that I have typed all this out, I have always felt as if I had some intrinsic fatal flaw. Nothing I could quite put my finger on but just a failure in my very being. Maybe the scripture is referring to that. Except for some reason I always figured that not everyone had this fatal flaw. Just me. And um, serial killers.

  3. @MBR: I think you’re right. I did a little more reading and I agree sin is one of the things He means. Thanks for the insight!

    @charlotte: I hadn’t considered the original sin idea since, like you, I don’t believe it. I can see what you mean. I think, if there is a general weakness it refers to, it must be sin, as MBR says.

    Wow, I’m really curious what fatal flaw you and serial killers share. Feel free to expound! :)

    I also feel like I have a larger weakness that underlies all my other weaknesses. I feel like there’s some one idea or thought or habit that, if I could just figure it out, would be simple to fix and I’d suddenly start reaching my potential. I wonder if everybody feels that way.

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