8 comments on “Obamabush: Part II

  1. Thanks for standing up for the little guys who work their butts off day and night trying to save the ever fledgling world of banking. These boys may get “shameful” bonuses, but if you break it down to dollar per hour, it’s more like pennies. Obama is the shameful idiot here, as usual.
    I love your Obama rants. I am almost happy he won so that you have reason to regularly provide me with entertainment.

  2. @Heidi: Sorry, Love, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

    @Erica: You wouldn’t believe the reporter I heard on NPRs “To The Point” today. Simply ridiculous. You can listen to it here.

    Oh, and thank you for liking the Obama rants. Sometimes I think I come across too harsh…

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