5 comments on “Reactions to New York

  1. I’ve never been to NYC, but like you, I would immediately head to the first authentic pub of sorts for a burger and fries.

    Don’t think I’d hit up Applebees, no matter how nostalgic it was :-).

    I’d love to go there someday though. My wife’s cousin lives in D.C. and we know we have a free place to stay out there, so we’re just trying to pick the right time for a good “east coast” trip. See D.C. Virigina, head over to NYC for a couple of days.

    You are a geek with your pictures of the GE building, but I think I’d geek out a bit too.

  2. My thoughts about NYC were pretty much inline with yours! They had, hands down, the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. I still dream about their food. Also, I thought everyone was super nice and helpful as well . Although I will admit I didn’t wander too far from the traditional touristy stuff. I also agree with you about the weird conversations. Sounds like you had a fun trip!

  3. Thanks for writing this, Love! You didn’t tell me about all these observations and I really enjoyed reading them. We missed you very much and are glad to have you home! :)

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