4 comments on “Fallacy of Complacency

  1. I must say I have mixed feelings about your conclusion. On one hand, we’re always taught to strive for the best! And in the political arena – esp. when one is messing around with 700 billion dollars – it seems prudent to pursue a course that closely adheres to “best.” The problem, I suppose, occurs in finding the best – a task that is only possible with a finite number of possible options. Which is a situation that you rarely find in real life. Your solution assumes a kind of omniscience that we don’t generally have. I won’t even address the impact of perfectionism on a personal level;)

  2. @charlotte: I agree that the amount of time spent pondering different options needs to be balanced by the weight of those decisions.

    I think for one-time decisions that are already made, this has no application. In fact, I think it would only lead to second-guessing and an undermining of confidence.

    But for decisions that are made constantly (like route to work, work styles, political views) this seems to have value, to me.

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