4 comments on “Proposition 8 Is A Missionary Opportunity

  1. though i agree with you completely that talking about proposition 8 can be a great missionary opportunity for us as a church and as individuals i totally disagree that as a society its a good thing to say we are for “X” to become law because God said so.
    i do agree that the ads i have seen supporting proposition 8 are full of scare tactics and plenty of non-truths and misconceptions. the church could lose its tax-exempt status? come-on, i pray we have better arguments against homosexual marriage than that.
    i dont want to go into that argument here but i just wanted to point out the dangerous road of trying to make a law because God said so. i would prefere the beliefs of america to not become our laws. scary!!

  2. @Daniel – Hey! How’s it going? I’m not seeing your point about the danger of setting laws because God says X is wrong.

    You say you don’t want America’s beliefs to turn into it’s laws. I would argue that’s exactly what does happen. It’s just a question of who’s beliefs become law. The vast majority of Americans are Christians and over 90% believe in God. Yet prayers aren’t allowed in schools, even voluntarily. We can’t post the 10 commandments at a courthouse, despite it being the foundation of many justice systems worldwide. Somebody’s beliefs are being made into law, but not mine.

    The main point I was trying to make is that, in terms of homosexual marriage, we have no real foundation for opposition outside of religion. My second point is, that’s a perfectly valid reason, probably THE most valid reason. And that we do ourselves and our mission here on Earth (to bring ourselves and others unto Christ) a huge disservice when we pretend otherwise.

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