7 comments on “Experimenting with Your Children: Because Kids Are Just Data Points Waiting to Happen

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  2. I agree–very scary! (Though I was grateful to be able to use it for removing the splinters. Otherwise, it could have been a terrible experience for all of us…)

  3. Wow – amazing. Although I too have witnessed the zombifying power of the TV in my own little ones so I guess I’m not all that surprised. It is kinda creepy, when you think about it.

    However (and of course I’m not advocating doing this constantly) there are definitely times when this effect IS very desirable…When I was prego with #2, and later #3, sometimes the ONLY way I had a chance to lie down and shut my eyes before bedtime was if I put on a movie for the older child(ren). Or like last night when I was preparing dinner (and Bill was napping), the only way I could get the boys to stop beating on each other was to put on a favorite “Sunday movie” (“The Restoration”)…

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you were able to get all the slinters out! Poor kid! :(

  4. I agree with Melissa, sometimes it’s a very useful evil, but it’s also really easy to overuse it. Also, if it makes you feel any better, as they’ve gotten older, my kids don’t sit still in front of the tv as long or as often.

  5. Of course you realize part of the fascination was because he hadn’t seen it before, right?
    We did really well Elora’s first year about not turning tv on before 7pm. But last summer Joseph would turn on cartoons every morning (he likes to watch them) and now she has to watch them everyday.
    We have them on way too often now (I know PBS’s whole line up).
    But if I leave it on with nothing for her to do, she gets really whiny and bored. I think media has a stronger effect on boys though, so we should probably be more careful with Joshua. Dang it. Too late.

  6. You can’t protect them from the world forever. What they don’t learn watching TV under your supervision they’ll learn from their peers… without your supervision…

    The TV technique does indeed work well for minor surgery. Great article!


  7. James is right. When my girls were little I would have a babysitter watch them. The babysitter was one of the Young Women worked with and she came from a large family. They did not own a TV (no, it wasn’t when TVs first came out-they didn’t like what was brought into the home). I remember when the mini series about the Charles Manson murders came on and this 15yr old came to me and told me she would babysit for nothing if I would use her on the certain nights the show was on. I told her to talk to her parents before I would let her come. So children will sometimes find a means so it is better to train them what is appropriate so when the time comes they will know how to chose.

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