7 comments on “The Perfect Storm

  1. Dangit! I should have said Allen got laid off… then maybe somebody would have believed me. That was some well thought out and effortful (so what if I can’t think of the appropriate real word) foolery. Awesome!!

  2. Ah, that was a good one M! You really had me going there for a minute. Except the whole time I was thinking “really? This just doesn’t sound like the M & H I knew and loved! They would never have taken out 5 loans.” I also wondered about the food storage since those pouches are water proof;)

    Nicely done M.

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  5. I never realized the time we spent riding in the car making up stories would lead to this!!!! I must say well done the story was very believable. BUT you will not know when, where or how the pay back will happen :) Your on the edge :) :)I still Love You,Mom

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