4 comments on “Prosperity and Faith – Compatible?

  1. Excellent post!! I think the other point about the camel analogy is that besides kneeling, the camel has to be stripped of all his goods. Which, IMHO, means that while you may have wealth, in your heart at least, you need to be willing to give it all up to God & His purposes. It’s funny to me that we can only have it once we’re really truly ready to give it up:)

    Great points M! I agree with everything you wrote!

  2. awe, c’mon everyone who took Institute knows that camel and the gate thing. I think.
    Again I’ll mention the Catholic’s new list of major sins, one of which is excessive wealth. I think they’re missing the point, but you seem to understand it a little better.

  3. i think we will get in trouble quickly if we say anything beyond, “its not easy to be wealthy and righteous.” prosperity is part of the Lords plan, part of the very deffinition of Zion is having no poor. God will always bless the righteous, im not saying we can equate wealth with righteousness but i do say they are associated. We always joked growing up that you could tell who was at the church building based on the car outside. A BMW or Mercedes we always said the stake president must be there. Can anyone tell me of the last mission president they met who wasnt wealthy? how about a general authority or member of the twelve, most of them are very successfull business men.
    So, thats my two cents, though its hard to keep humble with success, success will always be found among the elect of God.

  4. @Charlotte: Thanks! Good insight into the camel thing, too.

    @Tearese: You know, it’s funny, but just naming it “Excessive Wealth” makes it a sin…excessive by definition means too much. The question is, what is excessive wealth?

    @Daniel: First, welcome and thanks for reading this post and second, great point. wealth tends to follow righteousness (tends to) but not vice-versa.

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