One comment on “It’s Funny (or We’ve Come A Long Way)

  1. Wow, that is a terrible story-terrible that it happened, not that she told it. There’s some very strong pathos wrapped up in stories like these. Even though the events happened so long ago, the emotional reaction today is as strong as ever-perhaps stronger because of how far we’ve come since those times. While I think it’s important to remember our history, I also think it’s important not to let what has happened get confused with what is happening. I am sure there are still racists in America, but no one could get away with the kind of physical tourture that this story depicts-not without getting some well deserved jail time. It would be nice if programs like Affirmative Action could actually repair the damage that was done to African Americans, but it doesn’t. Voting for persons or policies based on that emotional response is dangerous. It may benifit some individuals, but it cannot benifit the nation as a whole. All that anyone (of any race) can do is accept that this is our country’s history and endevor not to repeat it.

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