5 comments on “m’s Most Embarrassing Moments, Part II: Stupid Things New Husbands Do

  1. The worst part of that whole experience was the fact that I specifically asked you before I watched it, “Is this scary?” and you said, “No, it’s not scary at all–it’s funny, you’ll like it.” And I said, “Okay, good. I don’t like it when they’re scary.” And even though I said that, you STILL HAD ME WATCH IT!!!

    But, you learned your lesson and you’ve been very good ever since. Thank you. :)

    And of COURSE I still love you. Always. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally didn’t expect that! That is pretty startling. I showed it to Joseph, but he’d seen it before, darn it. I don’t’ mind scaring him.

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