6 comments on “GMAT Advice You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

  1. Hilarious!! You are so right about the GMAT nazis. At least you didn’t have to use the bathroom. I made the double mistake of drinking a lot of water & being nervous so partway through I had to use the bathroom. Getting in and out of Guantanamo is probably less of a production. And I think they were filming me in the potty too:)

    Congrats on your good performance! And don’t worry Grad school is the best! Infinitely more fun the GMAT, and definitely better than undergrad work. You’ll do great.

  2. You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh!

    And I’m to blame for the q-tip thing which you kindly didn’t mention. :) I swear every audiology course I took told us at least 52 times “DO NOT USE Q-TIPS TO CLEAN OUT YOUR EARS.” So, sorry about the waxy earplugs!

    Charlotte–Didn’t you take the GRE? Though I figure our experience with the GRE is comparable to the GMAT. And I agree–grad school is awesome (though I wish it were free!!).

  3. @Charlotte: Thanks for the encouragement. I really didn’t enjoy studying for that test. Guantanamo…so that’s what the G stands for!

    @Heidi: Yes, you are responsible for the waxy plugs (a good band name). But I still love you!

    @Tearese: MAT? I had never heard of that until you wrote about it. It sounds interesting.

    Also, are you going to grad school?

  4. No, I was considering it when I got my bachelors degree, I would maybe get a masters in Fine Art, but instead I moved to Seattle to try something new.

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