7 comments on “Remember When It Was About Beer and Bulls and Stuff…Let’s Have More of That

  1. That. Was. HILARIOUS!!!
    (And totally, totally sweet!)
    Thank you, Love, you totally made my morning! (And afternoon and evening. Though I can’t guarantee there won’t be another cry fest tonight…). :):)

  2. That was hilarious. That entry should def be published! Now I am thinking I should start listening to country music…. You made it sound so deep and reflective on my own life…especially about the part where I get dropped off on the doorstep of a hookers house! Just kidding mother, of course, sort of.

  3. Awesome! You totally captured the essence of tear-jerking country music these days. What IS it with those writers, anyway?? Thanks for the good laugh. :)

  4. Hahaha! There are songs that I won’t let my husband play on the radio because they are too sad… “Don’t Take the Girl” by Tim McGraw is one of them. It’s enough to be pregnant… pregnant and listening to sad country music is NOT good!!!

  5. LOL! Your post made me miss Heidi so much! I remember when she gave me her used Mark Wills CD because it was “just too sad.” And truth to be told, I can’t listen to it either…sniff, sniff.

  6. Thanks, y’all! I’m glad you like it.

    @h – I’m glad there was no cry-fest last night!

    @Erica – If I have influenced you in any way to listen to country music, than I have truly failed…

    @Melissa – thanks! I think they make more money if you cry, I don’t know. What are their concerts like? Free Kleenex? Sensitive bouncers?

    @Ailene – Wow, that’s a rough combo!

    @Charlotte – I didn’t know she did that! That’s hilarious! Do you keep it locked in a lead safe, away from the kids? Only bring it out for emergencies?

  7. Hey, I know some of those songs! I don’t really listen to COuntry, but Joseph does, and he’ll have me listen to those ones because, well, they made him cry. But he’s much more sensitive than me. I just tear up a little.

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