7 comments on “Shirts or Skins?

  1. First of all – Good for you for sticking to your principles m! (Who knew Heidi’s family was such a bad influence?!? J/k:)) Next time the issue comes up, follow standard Church Ball procedure: choke anyone who approaches you and yell at anyone who questions you. Then tell the ref where to go. I’ve seen it done – I know it works!

    Second of all – this is a highly personal topic and I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of a “poll” about it.

    And hey, I suck at basketball too!

  2. That’s exactly what I’ll do Charlotte! :)

    I agree that the idea of whether or not you should do what’s right is highly personal, but that’s not what the poll is. The poll is asking what you think is right, which I think is a fair question, since I’m interested in other people’s input.

    Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a poll for highly personal questions, as long as I’m not forcing anybody to answer.

  3. The standard set for the garment, is that it should not be removed for activities that can be reasonably performed while wearing the garment. So you’ll likely remove it for showering, swimming, and certain bedroom activities… but basketball can reasonably be played while wearing the garment, so yes, you should wear it.

    A suggestion for avoiding this in the future… whenever you get together for a basketball game… if the games are prearranged… have everyone bring one light colored shirt and one dark colored shirt… and then the light colored shirts can be one team and the dark colored shirts can be another team… Would that work?

  4. I think you did the right thing. My mission president asked us not to remove our garments for athletic stuff for the same reason that Ailene sited. Funny that you would get pressured about it at church and with family. Those are the hardest places to say no.

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