One comment on “Are You A Parent Or A Kid?

  1. Hmm… are you sure that this blog is a real blog? It seems kind of questionable to me that someone would post a blog titled with that sort of title… so either the woman is really sick and mentally disturbed… or it’s fake…

    In any case… some parents relent and let their children have priviledges that they would not otherwise have… because they are afraid that their children will just do it behind their backs. They’d rather have them do it and have them know about it, then have them sneak behind their backs. So I can see why SOME parents give in. Whether or not that’s the best thing to do depends on the parent, the child, etc…

    I personally don’t have an online site, MySpace, blog, or anything of the sort… I’d rather not have my children use the argument against me… “but YOU have one!”

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