2 comments on “Shooting the Messenger…Poison vs. Syringe…Pick Your Metaphor

  1. You had a friend commit suicide in 5th grade?? That’s horrific.

    Although I think the parents are suing the fake myspace parents not to put a price on their daughter’s life but to enact a penalty for a wrong committed. The article said that police could not find evidence of a crime. And yet a wrong was committed. It may not be the high road but it is a legitimate road, IMHO. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need deterrents for crime as everyone would just desire to do the right thing. We don’t live in that world. So I say they should be financially penalized. Perhaps it will make them (and others) more careful in the future.

  2. That is so sad. And what makes it worse, to me, is that the parents are getting divorced now. I’ve heard that often happens when parents lose a child–especially under such tragic circumstances.

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