5 comments on “Big(gish) Man, Small Attic – Part 5 – The Attic Fan

  1. LOL! I loved the part where you argued with yourself about your weight–you are so funny!

    And just for the record, you are extremely hot and perfectly muscular and proportionate.

  2. AmyLynn had me check out Heidi’s 7 things, which just about split my gut. :) Just in passing I saw your blog, and am happy to say I am glad to know that you are posting thoughts. Where can a person get this kind of honesty on the internet these days! Once again I just about split my gut laughing when I saw the autobiographically proportioned hips to box ratio. I’ve never seen you in that light… rarr! Needless to say,.. welcomed or not, I already sense an agreement with your political views on dropping pills into swimming pools for effective accountability, as well as all the other views I could read in 5 minutes.. I’ll be back. I miss you guys

  3. This one WAY surpassed mildly entertaining…well done. Oh, and I HATE Home Depot and Lowes and electricians. They all suck and are completely intent on robbing me blind. Jerks. And yes, I am completely comfortable personifying large corporations.

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