8 comments on “When Weight-O-Phobia Rears It’s Ugly Head

  1. Liberals fight for abortion rights so people can kill potentially fat kids? Are you kidding? So in your world, do conservatives fight for gun rights so that school kids can murder their classmates?

    Get a grip, dude…

  2. wow.. that’s a big number of people…

    some people are really trying hard to get kids on their own.. but some people just abort their kids.. how ironic..

  3. Steve, the facts speak for themselves. 11% of respondents said they would abort a fetus that had the potential to be obese. So, I’m not kidding, but, hopefully, they were.

    As far as conservatives and gun control, I believe they fight for gun rights because the 2nd amendment guarantees it. I don’t believe the Constitution, or any amendments thereto, allow for the right to murder a person, nor should it.

  4. That’s just sick! Abortion is wrong, no matter what… but especially with a reason like that!

    Perhaps parents should instead plan on feeding the children healthy food and help them to live an active lifestyle (as opposed to giving them junk food and letting them watch TV all day)!

  5. I’m not a math person, but I wonder if the numbers you came up with are accurate-I mean, isn’t the kid parent ratio closer to one-to-one? I know my family isn’t the norm, but there were 7 of us kids to 2 parents. That being said- 11% of anything is frightening.

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