2 comments on “Your Government Dollars At Work

  1. Do you really think it’s as easy as looking at a birth certificate? Quick: what’s the citizenship of a person born in London in 1975 to an American father and a British mother? (Up to a few months ago the result would have been different for the child of a British father and an American mother.) What if mother and father were not married to each other at the time of birth? How if they married subsequently? What if the child came to the United States as a minor?

    Don’t know off the top of your head? Can’t begin to say what kinds of documents will be needed to substantiate the facts? Well, neither can an untrained bureaucrat. Citizenship is complicated — because our laws have made it so.

  2. I think the purpose of documentation is to make it so that an “untrained bureaucrat” doesn’t have to make those decisions. They either have the necessary documents or they don’t.

    But, that’s beside the point. The point is that the government imposed “a tremendous administrative burden” on a program that has produced no benefit.

    However, I guess results would indicate that’s the government’s modus operandi.

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