3 comments on “Barak Obama – Not Black Enough

  1. LOL!! Retarded Hoot-Owl.

    Hey, I’ve stayed away from Politics for quite a while. I’ve heard of the Libertarian cause, but what is it that you like so much about it? I’m so tired of the old Republican/Democrat Blue stat/Red state thing. I want more options!!

    Do you think this party will ever have a chance someday? Or do you think most people that are Libertarian or Independant, etc. will just run as a major party, but most will know what they truly are?

    I too want to vote for Romney, but I’m afraid it’s sub-conscious because he’s LDS. I really want to think that even if he wasn’t LDS, I’d vote for him. I like that he was popular in a Liberal state as the Governor. I like that he is a very smart person and has a clean record (unlike 90% of our politicians who either have numerious drunk driving records, bankruptcies, or other issues). He just seems like he would be a good candidate.

    Tell me more about Libertarian views? You can e-mail me if you like.

  2. i love it!!!!! hey elder bigelow, it’s me, amanda, ty’s sister. i love the blog. so this is where you are. keep up the grrreat work.

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