2 comments on “TV Deregulation Part II

  1. Wow. You and I are getting farther and farther apart on this subject. I have to wonder if you will feel the same way once you have kids. First of all, In that pat little equation opportunity + desire = temptation, I agree as an adult you can control both reactants and therefore moderate the product. But a child doesn’t have that kind of control and the younger the child, the less control which is exactly why parents have to step in. Perhaps you can’t remove a teen’s desire to see something innappropriate but you certainly don’t have to give them the opportunity! That’s why you put your computer in the main room and don’t allow unlimited media.

    As for your minefield analogy, I think I see what you mean but I think removing the BIG mines (as you put it) is better than removing NO mines at all. Frankly I’m baffled by your false sense of security. I’ve never thought that random channel surfing was “safe” and honestly I don’t really channel surf for that very reason. I never did think that because public access TV was regulated that it was “Safe”.

    Instead of complete deregulation, which would only encourage networks to up the obscene ante (see HBO – and yes, on cable channels you can have nudity and all the cursing you’d like) it would be ideal if the public could convince marketers, networks and Hollywood that we don’t want to see it and aren’t willing to pay for it. However, since we seem to be in the minority on this, I think it is prudent to regulate content (even if the process isn’t perfect) to do our best to ensure that the only people having access to such material are those that are a) old enough to make the decision for themselves and b) actively looking for it.

    To sum up, I think we are in exact agreement about the problem (too much offensive stuff on TV, channel surfing bad for a variety of reasons) and the desired result (clean, safe entertainment). I guess we just differ on the mode of getting there.

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