One comment on “Should Government Regulate Broadcasts?

  1. Hee! I didn’t know you were a libertarian! Come to think of it, I think you are the only libertarian I know. Unless Heidi is also. Anyhow, loved your e-mail to the Ayn Rand folks – hilarious!

    So here’s my question: I like what you wrote but I’m not totally ready to buy it and let the government off the regulating hook. Convince me. What do you propose instead? Complete deregulation? We are still talking about a mass media after all. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but cable is already unregulated (at least by the FCC) and it is only the public access channels that the government watches over. So just looking at the difference in cable programming vs. public access does not convince me to share your view. I need an alternate plan. Besides, opportunity is half of temptation and if you remove that…

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